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Global Sports Alliance (GSA) is a non-profit organization, established in November 1999 with the goal of creating sustainable societies and a new sports culture that exists in harmony with the environment. GSA is achieving this goal through its Ecoflag, G-ForSE and Sports-Eco.Net projects that make up the Ecoflag Movement



The Ecoflag is flown at sporting events worldwide as a symbol of the commitment of sport enthusiasts to protecting the environment.


The Global Forum for Sports and Environment (G-ForSE) website is the largest database available of environmental action being carried out by sports event, federations, facilities and the sporting goods industry. Every 2 years UNEP and GSA hold a Global Forum that brings together these key players

Sports-Eco.Net is a network for promoting the 'reduction, reuse and recycling' of sports equipment and is part of the Ecoflag Movement - a drive by sports enthusiasts to develop a sustainable society.

Used equipment is collected at sports events or in sport shops and sorted for redistribution.

Equipment that is still highly useable will be shared with children in developing countries as part of sport programs that aim to give a sporting chance for all.  Learn more.

Tennis balls are sent to schools around the country as part of a 'tennis ball reuse' program. Learn more.
>>See "Tennis ball reuse program statistics"

Equipment that is broken and no longer useable is turned into 'RECYCL'art'. Learn more.


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